Employment Law

The members of our employment law team focus on helping employers and employees with the claims and disputes that arise in this relentlessly changing area of the law.

Our lawyers help business owners, managers and employees with executive compensation, wage-and-hour, departing employee and other tough, and potentially high-cost employment and labor law issues.  

On the employer representation side, we have handled claims against former employees for breach of non-compete, non-solicit agreements, confidentiality agreements, and theft of trade secrets. We have handled FLSA defense, wage-and-hour claims, and breach of contract claims.

We also have years of trusted, first-hand experience with call centers and other service providers, as well as with tech-driven businesses, providing advice and counsel, and representing them in litigation and before administrative panels. Most of the cases handled by this team involve Texas-based businesses and individuals, or entities from elsewhere in the U.S. that have a labor or employment issue being tried in a state or Texas federal court, or heard by a Texas regulatory agency. 

On the employee representation side, our attorneys handle civil rights violations on behalf of police officers and their union, private EEOC/civil rights claims, Title VII discrimination claims (involving age, religion, gender, national origin, and other protected statuses), ­ disability and sexual harassment claims, as well as lawsuits alleging violations of ADA,  ADEA and Texas common law,  defamation, breach of contract, wrongful termination, and unpaid wages claims. Type your paragraph here.

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