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Debt Settlement Negotiation by Attorney Adam M. Swartz is a specific and separate service for clients (and/or Loan Officers' clients) to utilize as a tool to help qualify for a home loan, end litigation, or end other obligations arising from the owed alleged debt.

Early on, consumers are overwhelmed with enticing credit offers, often leading to bad credit. Other times, life just happens and debt obligations are the first thing to fall through the cracks. Credit restoration may or may not be the only or best option. When there is a specific debt that is acting as a credit barrier to lending, e.g., or if there is only a few accounts on your credit report, attorney-based debt settlement services are often the best alternative or supplement.  If your particular set of circumstances dictate it, a program combining debt settlement negotiation with credit restoration may be the best alternative. 

While WJA’s attorney-based credit restoration program has been incredibly successful in its approach and results (70-85% average deletion rate), 15-30% of items are reporting accurately, the creditor has been diligent in their record-keeping, and cannot be removed under federal law. When the remaining debt(s) continue to act as a credit barrier to lending or if the only credit barrier to lending in the first place does not qualify the client for a WJA credit program, it is time to step up and use another weapon in order to hit the client’s target: getting into a new home.


There is always a no-charge consultation so that a determination of the best course of action can be made.

Whether as part of a credit program or independently, Mr. Swartz will meet with a client, assess their situation, talk with a client about their primary interests (paying as little as possible, immediacy, removal from a credit report, dismissal of a lawsuit or judgment related to the debt, etc.), and negotiate a settlement of that debt in light of the client’s interests on behalf of the client. Attorney Swartz will draft or review all related documents to ensure clients are protected as necessary. A copy of all records will be retained for a period of five (5) years. Customer service and informed decision-making are paramount.

The range of settlement amount varies depending on a number of different factors, like:

  • Who the creditor is (big guys vs. small guys)
  • Amount of the debt
  • Date of last activity/how recent in time it is
  • Whether the client can pay a lump sum, payment plan, or combination
  • The client’s particular set of circumstances (hardships, age, military status, etc.)

Typical settlement range is $.30-$.75 cents on the dollar (based on previous settlement negotiations) and generally will include a settlement letter/letter of satisfaction/proof of payment. It may be possible to obtain a letter of deletion, release of claim, or other documentation/action, but this is creditor specific. Attorney Swartz will go over options with you or your client and manage expectations.

Mr. Swartz is well-versed in negotiation. In addition to negotiating on behalf of WJA and other clients, he is a former National Champion in Securities Law Dispute Resolution for the Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA)(Manhattan, NY), former Chair of the Texas A&M School of Law Board of Advocates Dispute Resolution Committee, a trained mediator under the Texas Roundtable Mediator Standards, Assistant General Counsel for White, Jacobs & Associates, and a practicing civil litigation attorney in Texas.

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.” – Dave Ramsey

Quick Reference Points & Major Benefits to Clients in Credit Programs:

  • Client retains the attorney by and through their agent for credit matters, WJA.
  • Client signs separate Agreement with attorney specifying the debt.
  • General Retainer amount for Attorney Settlement is based on amount of the debt.
  • Accounting is streamlined by WJA (less hassle for client, who already will have a close relationship with attorneys through WJA; debt settlement & credit program can be rolled into one with Client retaining the attorney by and through their agent for credit matters, WJA).
  • Primacy: if an account is settled at the beginning of a credit restoration program, the credit restoration organization can dispute the account as inaccurate before bureaus/creditors update it, if they update it at all, and attempt to have it removed from the report entirely.
  • Recency: if an account is settled later in the program, debt-to-income is adjusted & a credit barrier to lending that otherwise was not able to be removed is taken care of.

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