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The Swartz Law Firm, PLLC

Early on, consumers are overwhelmed with enticing credit offers, often leading to bad credit.  The Swartz Law Firm, works closely with White, Jacobs & Associates (WJA), who offers an aggressive alternative to credit repair to assist consumer clients with fixing their credit.  WJA is a separate entity, and Attorney Swartz acts as their general counsel, in addition to previous years' experience as a credit analyst himself. Decades of combined experience has helped them understand the complexity of credit at large; WJA developed a unique, highly personalized way to get your financial freedom and buying power back.  The goal is not only to help you reach the goals you've set, but to educate you on the best practices for use of your credit, given the goals you have in mind. 


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White, Jacobs & Associates understands credit and its complexity. Each client’s situation and needs are unique. Everyone is entitled to a no- obligation credit analysis & consultation. WJA gives a detailed assessment of an individual's credit report based on the algorithm of credit. After analyzing the severity of credit damage, the creditors and collection agents, feasible credit potential and the goals of our client, we make a determination if credit restoration services will be the best option for the client or if debt settlement negotiations or bankruptcy, e.g., would be more appropriate.  Once determined our services are the best option, we will put together a detailed plan to achieve our clients goal in a 180 day (approx.) window.

About WJA

White, Jacobs & Associates was founded with decades of experience in the consumer credit industry – to help consumers conquer the obstacles holding them back from achieving their financial goals.

Following in the footsteps of other pioneer entrepreneur companies, WJA’s mission is to redefine how consumers interact and resolve issues with the mega-corporations, businesses, lenders, credit bureaus and organizations of our times.

WJA’s first consumer campaign has been to change how consumers are forced to interact with the credit industry (credit bureaus, creditors, collectors and amateur credit repair agencies). In a world where credit information impacts virtually every facet of our lives and amateur credit repair companies are largely ineffective against the credit titans of our times, White, Jacobs & Associates has designed a program to stop the disturbing trend of consumer ineffectiveness. A trend of insanity in which consumers and most credit repair companies continue to do the same dispute letter template thing over and over again, but expect to receive different results. WJA has developed a different approach that holds everyone accountable for what they do or fail to do with our credit files and what they report to others. The company and the attorneys leverage the federal consumer protection laws, et al., to hold creditors', credit reporting agency's, and third-party collection agents' feet to the fire [with regard to record-keeping obligations to the consumer individually, and the public, at-large]. 

If you do not gain control of your finances, your lack of it will end up controlling you. Take the initiative.